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Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary -- Days 5 & 6 Presented by Krush Groove

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Day 5 -- Wednesday, March 16th

Ask and ye shall receive.

I offered a sponsorship opportunity to interested Hogs Haven readers and received a quick response from the Promotions Director at 93.5 KDAY, a Los Angeles radio station that plays old-school hip hop and R&B. They're like the classic rock station for rap in Los Angeles. I was recently out there for business and I happened on this station in my rental car. They were playing Nas and then followed it up with A Tribe Called Quest. I am 95% certain that a classic Snoop Dogg track was also included in the set.

Krush Groove is an event being held at the Gibson Amphitheater on April 29th, and features Too $hort, Ja Rule, Digital Underground, Xzibit, Kurupt and others (ticket information included in link). In exchange for the promotion, the radio station will be hooking up a lucky winner with a pair of tickets and VIP wristbands. I know we have Skins fans in L.A. who read Hogs Haven, so if you are interested in this show on April 29th, let us know and we will work with the radio station to figure out the best way to decide a winner. I think given the overall theme of the radio station, the winner will have to either have a classic old-school jersey and/or jot a brief Redskins memory from back in the day. We'll keep everyone posted.

Also, I received the letter from Bruce Allen that everyone has been talking about. To be honest, I thought it was WAY better than the letter he sent out last year proclaiming "The Future Is Now." In fact, I would say that even though the letter was partly owner propaganda, I am still in a way better Bruce Allen place today than I was before the letter because he wasn't trying to convince me that the current roster is a Super Bowl contender.

It's the little things.

Day 6 -- Thursday, March 17th

When St. Patrick's Day falls on the first day of the NCAA Tournament, it is simply an awesome day. It won't even be possible again until the year 2016, which is the next time it falls on a Thursday. Next year St. Patty's Day is on a Saturday. It won't be on a Friday again until 2017. So you see how unique it is that a holiday that embraces going to a bar and drinking falls smack dab on a day when people were already going to be at bars watching one of the most exciting sports events on the calendar. It can and often does get ugly.

Not thinking about football today...that's for sure.


While my random TV watching habits are going to come under some serious fire in the coming weeks of this lockout, there is nothing better than the first two days of this tournament if you are a night owl. The last group of games aren't scheduled to tip off until 10 PM EST. In years past, I might flip between CBS and a marathon of 'The Office', but with all the games on regular TV (cable) the only flipping will be between games. Nothing wrong with that.

Krush Groove...let's hear from you L.A.