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Lets Get Off This QB Kick For a While

I don't like any of the QB's in the 2011 Draft, and personally hope we don't reach and try to take one at 10. I dislike the 2nd round options even more, so lets throw that idea out the window now.

We have our starter, who will be one more year versed in this offense. He is a former Pro Bowler, and I fully expect him to return to that form in 2011. We traded for McNabb, now lets see this thing through; at least for another year. There are too many needs on this team to go reaching for a player at the most prominate position on the field. If we wait out this storm, and gather some important pieces in the mean time, we can then focus our attention to the 2012 Draft for our next signal caller.

Anyways, enough of the QB talk. Lets move on to bigger and more important issues.

The Redskins defense was ranked 31st in the league last year, and I believe there are two reason for this: 1) Lack of playmakers, and 2) Adjusting to a new system. One of these will take care of itself, the other WE need to address. This draft is LOADED with defensive talent, and we would be wise at #10 to take advantage of some of this talent.

Prior to the combine, everyone was enamored with Quinn and Miller. Now one shot up the draft boards, while the other dropped slightly. If I took a poll prior to the combine and asked who would you rather have as a Redskin, I bet Quinn would have nudged out Miller. Miller had some questions about his size, and ability to play in space. He addressed these concerns at the combine, and solidified himself as a top 8 pick. Quinn, who hasn't played since 2009, is still the most talented pass rusher in this draft, and if he slid to #10, he would represent a hugh value.

Aside from OLB, IMO, we have a huge need at CB. No one knows whether Carlos Rodgers will be back with the Redskins, and if he bolts, we have a huge void that needs to be filled. Having too many good CB's is a problem any team would want. Don't forget, this is a passing first league. Prince Amukamara from Nebraska is as good as they come in terms of a shut-down corner. The value of the OLB's, and DE's in the top 10 could drop him a little in the Draft. If this were to happen, and we were to draft him at #10, he would make many fans happy in the Burgundy and Gold.

Now lets turn our attention away from defense for a moment, and focus on another glaring need on our offense; the LINE. The Redskins, by all accounts, were poor to say the least amongst the front 5. We have some youth, but are they really that talented to compete for a championship? Tyron Smith is an extremely talented Offensive Tackle from USC who can play on either the left or right side. He is a perfect fit for our zone blocking scheme. It may be tough for him to slip past Dallas at #9, but if he does, we should be giving him a hard look. Imagine pairing him with Trent Williams for the next decade!

Now I know many will talk about a lack of offensive weapons for McNabb, and this is certainly of concern, but WHEN Free Agency occurs(and believe me, it WILL), we should have pleanty of options here. For starters, we should be able to sign at least 1 wide receiver. James Jones, Rice, Jacoby Jones and Sims-Walker would all be good, young options. If we add one of these Free Agents, re-sign Santana Moss to a 2-year, incentive-laden contract, and return a healthy Kelly, we should be good at wide receiver.

In the backfield, we need to take a serious look at DeAngelo Williams. Before you let out that proverbial "awe no", hear this out. Williams will turn 28 in April, but he is a young 28. He only has 841 rushing attempts in his 5 years of NFL service. This represents an average of 168 rushing attempts per season, which for an NFL running back, is low milage. He is coming off injury, and should be hungry to prove himself as a feature back for a new team. His 5 yard per carry career average, and 118 career receptions will provide an immediate spark out of the backfield. Not only that, but this kid has the ability to take it to the house from anywhere on the field; something we haven't had since Clinton Postis' first year in DC. The two Williams' and Torain will make for a very servicable backfield, and should provide McNabb with many options.

Our 2nd round pick will hinge upon which direction we end up going in the 1st round. If we go defense(either OLB or CB in the 1st), we need to take a long hard look at some interior linemen in the 2nd. It can be argued that even if we were to take a guy like Tyron Smith in the 1st, that we still should look at interior O-Linemen in the 2nd. The value and need on the offensive line in the 2nd round match up perfectly with guys like Hudson and Wisniewski. Both represent a hugh upgrade at C/G, and both would be excellent value picks in the 2nd. One of the two is likely to be avaliable when we pick at #41.

The other remaining hole is at NT, and this represents a pretty big hole. Anthony Bryant is best served as a reserve. We are in desperate need of a young starter. I'm nervous that the 5th may be too late to get a quality player. There is a slim chance that Phil Taylor could fall to us at #41, and if he does, we need to sprint to the podium with that pick. Otherwise, we need to look at Ian Williams and Kenrick Ellis, and hope one of the two falls into the 5th. Maybe there is a chance we can pick up a 4th rounder, but that is pure speculation at this point.

Overall, this plan will help us to improve for the future. I still expect a loosing record in 2011, but at least the future will look a little brighter. If we end up really stinking it up this year, we COULD have a shot at drafting Luck or Jones in 2012, but I don't want to bank on that assumption. Either way, the 2012 Draft should be the year we can fill in some of those key pieces that will finally put us over the top.