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Washington Football Team Madness! Redskins Legends Region

In spirit of the NCAA Tournament starting up this week, a couple of us here at Hogs Haven have come up with… Washington Football Team Madness!

The event will feature four regions from a Hogs Haven expert. Each region will be dwindled down to form a Final Four and HH will determine the ultimate champion.

The first region of Washington Football Team Madness is the All-Time Redskins Legends. I’ve focused mostly on "recent" or modern era guys, mainly because I don’t think many of us can comment on their tenure.

In the comments section you will see each match up listed, under that match up you will see two choices. Rec who you think the winner should be in the first round.

Last Four In:
Sam Huff- Huff is a tough one because he had his best days with the Giants. But the revenge he so viciously sought against NYG and his work in the booth with Sonny solidifies a spot for the Hall of Famer.

Dexter Manley- The two time Super Bowl champ was the core of the defense for the better part of a decade.

George Allen- Skins coach from ’71 to ’77, Allen set a winning tone for the Redskins and lead them to their first Super Bowl appearance in 1972.

Sean Taylor- Since his passing Taylor has become a part of Redskins folklore. We will always remember his big plays and what could have been.

First Four Out:
Vince Lombardi- Obviously Lombardi is most famous for his days in Green Bay, but my dad always said that the Skins wouldn’t be the team they were today (well pre-Snyder I guess) without him. He maximized production out of Sonny and Larry Brown, and talked Huff out of retirement.

Brian Mitchell- Loved BMitch growing up, but his inability to keep his mouth shut lately puts him on the outside looking in.

Ken Houston- Houston is a 12 time Pro Bowler and considered by many the greatest Redskins safety of all time.  Houston barely misses the bracket.

The Band- Gotta love the band and "Hail to the Redskins"! But they just aren’t as recognizable as Chief Zee and the Hogettes to sneak in the bracket.
First Round
1- Joe Gibbs vs. 16- Sean Taylor
8- Hogettes vs. 9- Chief Zee
5- Darrell Green vs. 12- Russ Grimm
4- George Preston Marshall vs. 13- Sam Huff
6- John Riggins vs. 11- Art Monk
3- Sonny Jurgensen vs. 14- Dexter Manley
7- Jack Kent Cooke vs. 10- Bobby Mitchell
2- Sammy Baugh vs. 15- George Allen

Be on the look out for the next "region"