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Pickled Hogs Radio Wednesday Night with Reed Doughty - 9PM


Replay of the show available here.

Free Agent safety Reed Doughty joins Pickled Hogs Radio on Wednesday night. We'll check in with the long time Redskin to see how he is dealing with the lockout and his playing status for the next NFL season--whenever that is.

The show starts at 9 PM and can be found here on <<BlogTalk Radio>>

In the comments section below, suggest questions you want us to ask Reed on the show.

We'll also be spending time talking about the lockout of course. It is an inescapable topic, though we intend to have some fun with it. What jobs are current Redskin players perfectly suited to perform? Don't take the gloves all the way off guys.

In the next couple of weeks, we'll be doing a call-in show where we only take calls from you guys. Smart, right?

For those who still don't know, Kevin and I joined up with Doug Ramey from to form the Pickled Hogs radio podcast. We have already hosted Phillip Daniels, Robert Henson and Chris Cooley  on the show.