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Ma'ake Kemoeatu: "I expect to be back next season."

My beef with Kemoeatu is very well-documented, so I won't re-hash all of that. It's for sure nothing personal since he's a very well-liked player and even won the Ed Courage Award for the Redskins this past season. However, the Redskins need to do something at NT in 2011 and Kemoeatu is not the answer. I can't imagine returning from a torn Achilles is an easy task for a 350lb guy, but I certainly respect his willingness to try:

"I have one more year left on my deal," Kemoeatu told PFW. "I expect to be back next season. I'm ready to go. No problems. I feel good."

I find this a bit odd because Comcast SportsNet, according to RotoWorld, said the Redskins already have decided to cut Kemo. Kemo suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery this off-season, so the wear and tear simply doesn't make the contract worth it even at a league minimum. 

How does this #96 jersey fancy everyone instead?