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Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary -- Days 2 & 3

Day 2 -- Sunday, March 12

The first Sunday of the NFL Lockout featured a timely performance by the Washington Capitals. Sundays in September will of course have no regular season NHL options, but I was not missing the NFL today. Between the last few NCAA Conference Championships and the Caps OT win, it was a pretty solid sports day. Tiger played well, even though he was not in contention, and the NCAA Tournament Selection hoopla kept my mind off the lockout.

I also somehow managed to fit in a late-night viewing of the movie "I Love you, Beth Cooper", which had been DVR'ed in the hopes that Hayden Panettiere decided that full frontal nudity was the best way to an Oscar. A couple things:

  • There were some legitimately funny scenes in this horrendously awful movie.
  • Hayden stayed clothed the whole time. It definitely affected my opinion of both her and this movie.
  • Cameron from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is the main character's dad and takes his wife out to the middle of nowhere to get frisky in their car...which looks a lot like Cameron's beater in FBDO.
  • Still a better way to spend my time than watching or reading about the breakdown in CBA negotiations.

Day 3 -- Monday, March 14th

I guess I am doing this everyday now...and this title is the worst title of anything I have ever written on Hogs Haven. At least I stopped doing "Dear Diary" at the top.

It occurs to me that while there are few things more disgusting than a group of Americans publicly spatting over BILLIONS of dollars, one thing that is in fact worse is when those same people are fighting over YOUR money. It's one thing that we so eagerly part with our hard-earned money to support our passion for the NFL. People can and will call us capricious with our dough.

But give me a break. Every time an owner or a player ramps up another attempt to win the battle for our hearts and minds, I remember that collectively, they have already won the battle for our wallets, and are trying to use our hearts and minds to get more of that money from each other.

Kind of makes me feel like a complete idiot. Why should today be any different I guess?