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Mike Wise Catches Up with Cerrato's new Life in Baltimore

Another great column by Mike Wise today detailing Cerrato's post-Redskins life outside of Ashburn. In short, he's doing a lot of draft analysis pro bono. I highly recommend reading the entire story, but my favorite parts are:

  • He lives in a town where no one recognizes him. 
  • On Joe Gibbs: "If Joe Gibbs stayed, I'd still be there."
  • On Mike Shanahan for not taking the job sooner. "If Mike Shanahan was the coach, I'd still be there."
  • The story of when Snyder fired him, "I didn't know it was coming."
  • On Chris Ponder: "He's athletic. He gets pressure, he takes off running. Good feet. He ran a 4.6 [40-yard dash]." His concerns grow when Ponder throws into heavy coverage during the Senior Bowl. "He's just forcin' it in there, telegraphin' it."
  • I've arguably been the hardest fan on Vinny for good reason, but I'm pretty much ready to ignore this turd on Hogs Haven from here on out (save the spoofs). I love the fact that he puts his job security on Shanahan and Gibbs' fault. In essence, "I have no clue how to manage a team myself, so...if Gibbs stayed or Shanhan got there earlier, I wouldn't have F'd up so bad." Nice logic dummy. At least he admitted his tenure here wasn't successful. That counts for something, right?