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Attractive Late Round Quarterbacks for the Skins

Should the Redskins draft appropriately and address our defensive line needs, there are a couple Quarterbacks I'd like to see the Skins pick up on the second day of the draft.  A Quarterback prospect is tough to evaluate and how their talent will translate to the next level.  Commonly, people overlook the non-physical intangibles that make Quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady special.  Maturity and intelligence as far as knowledge of the game are important characteristics when choosing the right man for the job.  A young Quarterback's mechanics and footwork are important when evaluating draft prospects as well but can improve with good coaching.  Maturity and intelligence is something you can't teach, you either have it or you don't. 

The first Quarterback I'd like to see the Redskins call on the second day is T.J. Yates from the University of North Carolina.  He has proven to be mature and a great leader.  Given all the controversy and suspensions that North Carolina went through last season, Yates did an amazing job with what he had to work with.  He showed good progression from his junior to senior year, he put up far better numbers this past year with less to work with.  I have watched some film on Yates and his mechanics are pretty good.  I like his quick release and his ability to throw the ball anywhere on the field.  Yates' footwork will need some improvement but with the right coaching that shouldn't be a problem.  Yates impressed me with his ability to overcome the adversity and still have a successful senior year.


The second Quarterback I like on the second day is Scott Tolzien from the University of Wisconsin.  I watched some film on Tolzien and his performance at the NFL Combine.  He isn't the most athletic Quarterback in the draft by any means but there are a lot of reasons to like this guy.  His mechanics are good, he has a quick release which is a big factor in the NFL because the speed of the game is a lot faster at that level than in college.  Another reason I like Tolzien is because he is used to taking a 5 step drop which is the most common drop for a Quarterback in the NFL.  One statistic that sticks out to me the most is that he had completed over 70% of his passes his senior year.  Completion percentage is important at any level but especially in the NFL with all the playmakers.  As a coach all you want is to get the ball in the hands of your playmakers and the best way to do that is to have an accurate and consistent Quarterback. 

All in all, I don't think the Redskins could go wrong with either of these picks.  Neither of these guys could make an immediate impact but both have proved to be leaders and they have the maturity to succeed.