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Prospect Profile: JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin

 (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Green Bay’s defense this past year should be a blueprint for the Skins moving forward. Sure, to match anything close to GB we need a NT, better LBs, and a deeper secondary. That’s why J.J. Watt, a prospect that has been moving up some draft boards, would be a great addition as an DE to compliment Brian Orakpo for the Skins, as a pass rusher, and a good building block for the future.

Watt has reached the college elite the old fashioned way, hard work; he started his career as a Tight End at Central Michigan. He transferred to Wisconsin and in his "redshirt" year he was named the Scout Team MVP for Wisconsin. Watt then went on to a career where he never missed a game and this past season was named team MVP and was also a two time member of the Big Ten All-Academic Team. He also won the Lott Trophy this past year for being college football’s defensive impact player of the year.

He is 6’6, 280 292 lbs and possesses great speed for his size. This past year he had 62 tackles, 7 sacks, and 21 of those tackles being for a loss. He has great, active hands and upper body strength; he was of the best at clogging the passing lanes. Watt is also one of the smartest DE prospects when it comes to anticipating snap counts and setting up offensive linemen.

Quite frankly Watt needs to improve his lower body strength, but he is relentless when rushing the passer. A tandem of him and Orakpo coming after you would be a very scary nightmare for a number of NFL Quarterbacks. I think we could get Watt with our 2nd Round pick, but we’d be lucky if he is still around. I guess we need to ask ourselves what kind of DE is the best compliment for Orakpo, another pass rusher or someone that is better in coverage?