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Redskins 2011-2 Super Bowl Odds Twice As Bad as Last Year

People are actually placing Super Bowl bets on the Redskins???
People are actually placing Super Bowl bets on the Redskins???

In August of 2010, Redskins fans were optimistic for the unveiling of the Shanaplan. Coach M had gutted the roster, brought in a schematically unfit veteran QB, and restored a feeling of normalcy (forget about Galloway, Larry Johnson, Haynesworth, and Roydell Williams for a second). That same month, Vegas listed the Redskins as 25/1 odds to win the Super Bowl (12/1 NFC). Laughable now, right? 

Currently, the Redskins are a whopping 50/1 to win the Super Bowl next season. That certainly doesn't sound like we've been building for the future. I really question who would ever buy that 50/1 bet thinking they have a chance to win money. It's an Onion skit waiting to happen:

"The MGM Sports Book is under investigation by the Nevada Gaming Commission for fraudulent NFL vouchers on their books, specifically for a Redskins Super Bowl bet that was placed. Nevada Gaming Board Commission Jack Blurby, "I mean...the Redskins...are they still in the NFL? I read about them on Deadspin and Huffington Post a lot, but I figured they were gone. To think that people would ACTUALLY bet on the Redskins can't be true and MGM has to be trying to launder money or something."  

Several Gaming investigators refused to believe that anyone in their right mind would purchase a future on the Redskins. In an unclassified study involving 14,000 die-hard Redskins fans, 17 chimps, and 158 clinically-insane patients, every single one refused a Redskins future even at 73,000/1.

Video cameras from the casino do in fact show a man purchasing the Redskins future preventing further action against the casino. Authorities have obtained a picture of the man and are looking to the public to help track him down. He is assumed to be off his medicine, so please be careful. Police originally posted the link to his dating profile, and NBC Dateline's Chris Hansen, from to Catch a Predator, provided this recent picture from a recent sting operation in Dallas, TX.