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Brandon Banks Lobbies to Keep Santana Moss

Banks sent out this tweet, which Terrence Austin and Marko Mitchell retweeted, and a bevy of Redskins fans replied in support:

Please get #89 a contract! Almost like danny smith tryna leave the team!! He one of my all-time favorite players and showed me the ropes when I got to dc!!

Who else is missing from the retweets list? Mark Carrier?

There's a ton of Redskins fans that are more loyal to the players than what's best for the team. It really comes down to what the contract length/cost is compared to other teams. Santana is the ultimate teammate and has never quit. It'll be interesting to see how the Redskins value him(years/$$) as his contract expires this Friday. If the Redskins do draft a WR, it'd be nice if we had a veteran on the team to work with that now Roydell Williams?