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NFL Won't Pay Players Health Insurance as of March 4th

With all the talk about their being no football next year and all the money that gets lost, one issue that is severely over-looked is that the players will no longer have health insurance. An ExtremeSkins forum fan found this update from Reed Doughty's Facebook page:

Disappointed the owners have decided not to continue our health insurance past march 4. All the talk about player safety and health and it seems money is all that matters. We usually have health insurance for a calender yr starting when a player makes the team in september. Players have sick kids and babies on the way and now our health insurance is being cut with very short notice. Frustrating.    

This has resulted in players actually considering rushing to get any surgeries they need done now and even induce early labors. Wow. There are some sad issues in that article link. The NFLPA claims that COBRA will be available:

The NFL sent a letter to clarify that current players will be able to continue their insurance plan in the event of the lockout through the federal COBRA program. A family can pay the portion of insurance usually contributed by the employer and continue to receive benefits for 18 months.

 So, that begs the question - how much does COBRA cost for players that have large families, prior injuries, and kids with disabilities? What a mess.  Bob Kraft, the Patriots owner, said it best this week in Dallas:

"I've never seen the health of a business be as bright as this one. I'm involved in a lot of businesses. This is an awesome business. It's a privilege to be able to own an NFL franchise. And to have a labor disruption at this point in time of the evolution of the game is criminal. It really would be sad. And it will fall on both sides.''

Yes, it's a business, but families' lives are at stake here. I just don't get the feeling both sides are trying their hardest for a deal. If that was a case, both sides would be locked in a hotel for the next month straight.