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Former Redskins Make Noise in Super Bowl for the Wrong Reasons

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OK, that headline is a little harsh, but really, the Super Bowl surely lived up to the hype. Some initial thoughts and comical moments from the game:

  • Randle El going bananas after completing a first down near mid-field...oh yea, Steelers were down 11 points at this juncture. I imagine even LaRon Landry was laughing at that. Hines Ward scored a TD a few plays later - no celebration.
  • Oh Suisham. That was one hell of a botch. I didn't follow the ball all the way but my guess is it hit a beer vendor in the back of the head. One of his XPs barely squeaked through, too.
  • So, THAT's how a 3-4 defense is suppose to be run. All year long we heard the main benefit of the 3-4 being "QBs don't know where the pass rush is coming from." They only registered 1 sack but their defense truly forced those turnovers - and Packers converted all 3 of them to 21 points.
  • On Charles Woodson's 30 plays, he was in the backfield for 7 of them.
  • The Packers had 15 guys on IR this season, including their starting RB, TE, Tackle, and LB...and they lost Woodson at halftime and still won the Super Bowl. Redskins need a QB.