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Super Bowl Prediction--Packers Win First of Back-to-Back Super Bowls

I have been to Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix and Hartford over the last two weeks. As I have frequented the many bars in and around those places, I can report to you that people are very much split on this one. But the more compelling arguments I have heard as to who will win this one have all centered around one team--really around one man.

The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

This quarterback has the respect of the nation it seems. Add me to that list. He is clearly at the top of his game and is clearly the best player in the Super Bowl--in my opinion. Yes, better than Troy Polamalu.

I have the Packers winning this game 31-21. The MVP trophy and the trip to Disney World will either go to Rodgers or Clay Matthews. But the key player in this game i think will be Jordy Nelson.

There you have most concise argument/post of the year.

I'll hang up now and listen to your answer.