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Super Bowl Predictions from Several Redskins & Celebrities

Well, I meant for this to be the most amazing posts of Super Bowl posts, but Hugh Hefner, Jenna Jameson, Zooey Deschanel, and a bevy of other celebrities did not respond to my tweets asking for their Super Bowl predictions. My take on that? They're not the ones running their twitter accounts. You know who did respond? Several Redskins players:

  • Phillip Daniels: "Going with GB winning and Rodgers as MVP"
  • LaVar Arrington: "Pitt 27 GB 21, Big Ben MVP"     
  • Anthony Armstrong: "Steelers will win 24-21, Troy Polamalu MVP"
  • Caron Butler: 24-21 Green Bay
  • Larry Fitzgerald picks the Steelers has a collection as well. The notables are:
  • Danica Patrick: "Steelers win, but the game will be extremely close and within seven points."
  • Tiger Woods"I'm picking the Steelers, can't pull for Rodgers... he's a Cal guy."
  • Triple H: Steelers 21 - Packers 17
  • Heidi Klum: "The Packers... they're just hotter."
  • Mario Lopez: "Steelers over Packers. Tight, close game.    

Heidi Klum's prediction is something Ken would say. I am on the same page as Armstrong where I think Steelers win 27-24 and either Polamalu or Harrison wins MVP. Troy if I have to pick.