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NFL Announces Franchise Tag for 2011; A Look Around the League

The NFL has announced to teams that the franchise tag will be available on February 10th. 

NFL senior vice president and general counsel Peter Rucco, who is one of the league's in-house CBA wonks, said today that the league has told teams they can apply the tags in a 14-day window beginning Feb. 10.

It's safe to say these teams will use that luxury wit these players:

Ravens: Ngata, Eagles: Vick, Patriots: Logan Mankins, Bengals: Johnathan Joseph

Ngata should be sending Haynesworth a Rolex thanks to his likely increased bump in pay as a result of the $100 mllion contract. Same goes to any CB that's gets tagged (DHall) as noted by J.I. Halsell

Is there anyone on the Redskins worth franchising? Haha. Given the ludicrous monies Brandon Marshall and the other top WRs make, Santana is out (though both the Redskins and Santana have publicly said they want him to return to Washington). Jammal Brown is a UFA but wouldn't receive much of a contract, obviously.