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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays--Charlie Sheen, Clinton Portis, and Tiger Woods Edition

1. As many of you know, I have maintained a very tongue-in-cheek support of Charlie Sheen here on Hogs Haven. I mean, if you take away the mountains of cocaine he has reportedly consumed, the parade of porn stars he has reportedly bedded, the alleged hotel blow-ups and the bevy of 911 calls that have focused some...negative attention on him, Charlie is no different than any other guy making $2 million per episode of a runaway hit show. Perhaps the tongue-in-cheek aspect of my support has been lost on some of you. I once thought all I wanted to do was party with Charlie Sheen. I now know that I would never make it through that party alive. So when Charlie suggests he has "Adonis DNA", I am inclined to believe him. When he states that he is a "warlock" with "tiger blood", I am compelled to take him at his word. And when he freely admits that he will not turn down wine or champagne in the future to celebrate certain occasions, I trust that his future will be filled with a multitude of such occasions. I remain steadfastly opposed to his womanizing, drug-abusing, hand-that-feeds-you-biting ways. But damnit...I can't stay mad at you, Charlie.

2. Did anyone see that final round in the Accenture Match Play World Golf event yesterday? I didn't think so. I wonder if it beat out live and taped portions of the NFL Combine? Come on Tiger Woods. You can't be losing in the first round. When people would rather watch guys in the bench press and broad jump rather than watch "Kaymer vs. Donald", you're in trouble. I guess Mickelson gets some blame too. If this is what the PGA is going to be giving us while we wait for football to come back, we're going to have to watch a lot more pre-playoff NBA than we were planning to watch.

3. Kevin did a good job already of beginning the Clinton Portis farewell, but I can't just ignore the end of the #26 era. I have written time and time again how excited I was when it was announced he was coming here (even though it was part of a trade that seemed insanely uneven). After his first carry as a Redskin against Tampa Bay went the distance, I envisioned back-to-back-to-back 2,000 yard seasons. Best of luck to you, Clinton--hopefully somewhere in the AFC.

4. I know everyone here seems to think Sidney Rice is a slam dunk free agent acquisition for the Redskins. I am very much undecided. Players who think they are better than they are because one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL threw to them 100+ times one season scare the hell out of me. And we attract them like flies to a bright light. Toss in his association with Steve Spurrier (just for kicks) and I am just about ready to dismiss the guy entirely. Does he rap? Because then I am sure we would sign him.

5. Here is one of the hard parts of rebuilding: you spend so much time and energy stripping away the faces that have defined your mediocre team for the last decade and then a guy like Rex Grossman is left as the "face." We all know that Rex is not the future of this team. We all know that he is not the face of this team. Orakpo, Cooley, Hall are all still around and will be prominent Redskins. But I do worry about the potential of an institutional identity crisis. When your quarterback is not the face of your team, and worse--when he is specifically NOT supposed to be the face of your team--things get muddy...and fast. Do I need to run down the list of quarterbacks we have had since Mark Rypien?

6. That orgasmic sound you heard this weekend was Vinny Cerrato watching Julio Jones at the combine. There is no way he would slip past the Redskins at #10 if Vinny was still in charge. I am starting to wonder if he will slip by Bruce Allen to be honest.