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Clinton Portis Released - End of an Era

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Update 2: here's the link to the audio.

Update: Redskins made it official.

Clinton Portis was on 106.7 THE FAN's Mike Wise show this morning, and it's clear the Portis era is over.

"I should be released today...It was a decision that was best for the both of us....There's no hard feelings...I dont think it's a money situation. It's more the expansion growth of a person. The expectations are hard to accept not being the go to guy...It was a mutual decision. They gave me the opportunity to re-do my deal or re-structure and continue to talk and try to make a move but for the organization and after seven years, for myself, maybe it's best...I talked to Mr. Snyder. It was an emotional situation."

"If the [Redskins franchise rushing] record really meant that much, I think I could stay in DC to get it....John Riggins is a great person and well deserving of that record. Maybe I left something in that stadium that will carry on with people for some time...I always spoke the truth, and that's bigger to me than the rushing records or the touchdowns."

He also talked about having trouble selling the house because of the stipper pole. "Wives don't like it."

I'll add the link to the podcast when it's online. It's an interview well worth listening to. It's clear Portis lost his starting job, and that he does not want to be a #2 RB. Best of luck Portis (assuming you don't go to a NFC East team).