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Day 4: Notes from Combine QB & WR Drills (Group 2)

I just got back from watching the second group of drills. Big name include:

QBs: Cam Newton, Ricky Stanzi, Chris Ponder, TJ Yates, Tyrod Taylor, Jeff Van Camp, Tyrod Taylor, and Josh Portis (Clinton's cousin)
WRs:Torrey Smith, Titus Young, Jeff Maehl, Austin Pettis, Cecil Shorts, Terrance Tolliver, Jimmy Young, Joe Morgan, Ryan Whalen

Compared to Group 1, these guys were much less polished. Cam Newton threw some passes where you can hear the entire stadium gasp...and I mean that in a bad way.

  • Ponder was erratic in some throws but overall looked good. He was probably the best in this group. Portis did well too.
  • On the 4 route (10-yard pass), out of Newton's 3 throws, Cam had 2 overthrown in a big way. Stanzi was horrible as well.
  • On the 9 route, both Cam Newton and Stanzi overthrew all 3 of their passes.
  • Some of the WRs were falling down on routes. One reporter made the comment, "Have any of these guys run an out route before?"
  • On Cam's inaccuracy, one scout said: "It's the same thing I see on film. He opens up his shoulders."
  • Torrey Smith dominated in the WRs. There's a legit buzz going on for him.
  • Tyrod Taylor did not have an impressive showing. (sorry Tech fans)
  • AJ Green told one reporter that Patrick Peterson was the best CB he's ever faced. (And he's gone against some good ones)

Here's my notes on the 8 route (40+ yard pass), which is the most difficult pass for both the QB and WR in all these drills. You just don't see this route run much in college, plus they're throwing to WRs they haven't worked with. By "Accurate," I mean he hit the receiver in perfect stride.

Cam Newton: Accurate, Overthrown, Good (but a little short)
Ponder: Accurate, Accurate, Little short but WR took a bad angle
Portis: Underthrown, Accurate, Underthrown
Stanzi: Underthrown, Overthrown, Overthrown
Tyrod Taylor: Overthrown (off finger tips), Underthrown, Overthrown
Scott Tolzien: Underthrown, Accurate, Accurate
Van Camp: Overthrown, Accurate, Accurate

Cam Newton and Josh Portis both did a 10'6" broad jump. That's high enough them to put them in the top all time for QBs in this stats. All the other QBs are guys with broad jumps in that range have stunk it up in the NFL (for what it's worth).

Official 40 times: Taylor 4.51 Kaepernick 4.53 Locker 4.59 Newton 4.59 Gabbert 4.62 Portis 4.62 Ponder 4.65 Dalton 4.87    

Terp Da'Rel Scott ran a blazing 4.35 40.