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Mike Shanahan Sheds Light on Draft at Combine (Transcript)

His tan matches the NFL logo.
His tan matches the NFL logo.

Update: After the jump I included the video I took of my question. (Awkward voice and fidgety camera hand free of charge).

Shanahan spoke today to the media, and one can find the entire transcript here. I was 2nd to go and asked Shanahan, "When you came on board with the Redskins, you cleaned house with the staff, but basically left the entire scouting department intact. Over the last four drafts, the Redskins only have 3 starters. What do you see in their scouting abilities that kept their jobs safe?"

Shanahan: No. 1, it's a process. You bring in a certain way to scout. A lot of times, Washington in the past has traded away a lot of draft choices and they didn't have many draft choices, but hopefully with the system that we have, hopefully we'll have a lot more draft picks.

My rebuttal: "But can they evaluate talent?"

I like the people we have, I've had the chance to spend a lot of time with them. We talked about the direction that we want to go. I like what we've got.

Where a pass-rusher ranks on the priority list:

I think [outside pass-rusher] ranks right at the top. Obviously when you have any consistent defense, using the 3-4, you've got to have two great outside pass-rushers, a great nose tackle and a great safety.

And here's the rest of the major questions including his thoughts on Jake Locker, Cam Newtown, spread QBs, and the importance of a Nose Tackle...

On trading back:

You can always trade back, that's a possibility. When you do go into free agency, you've got to make sure you've got the right type of guy, especially with the rules and coming in with 500 free agents and being a little different than what we've had in the past. If you take a chance on a guy, he'd better not be making a whole lot of money.

[On Haynesworth]

You never really know. Albert, right now, is appealing a four-game suspension. He's had a couple alleged instances he's got to take care of. Obviously that goes through the commissioner and hopefully that comes out positive. There's a lot of ramifications there,so we've got to take care of that first.

How LT Trent Williams did as a rookie:

Trent's probably the most talented offensive lineman I've ever been around. 325 pounds, he can run a 4.758 40 [yard dash], everything you look for in an offensive lineman, hopefully he just keeps on getting better.

[Nose tackle need]

You're always looking for that great nose tackle. They don't come around every day. We've got a plan in free agency, we've got a plan in thedraft. We're just going to have to let that play out. We do have a couple of guys there, but we don't have a dominant guy there.

[evaluating spread QBs]

I think what helps is workouts, when you get to do the drills for him on your own, and you get to see the footwork.

[On Newton]

I think you deal into everything. You watch the film. I've watched a lot of film on Cam and he's an unbelievable athlete. He can make all the throws and is what you want in a quarterback. I think a lot of people will spend some time and ask what kind of a guy are we dealing with. Is it a one-year guy, or is he going to take you to the next level. Obviously though he has all the skill you'd want in a quarterback.Very talented.

[On Jake Locker]

I would make more similarities to Jake Plummer for me, relative to his ability to run. He's got great speed and an ability to do somethings outside the pocket that most quarterbacks can't do. But I've only watched a couple of games and looking forward to watching some more.

Well, Shanahan benched Locker, sooooo....cross him off the list?

I think it's fair to give Shanahan another year. Both Bruce and Shanny have been more than obvious that they're hoping to get picks for McNabb and Haynesworth - and possibly trade back.