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Combine: Peter King Weighs in on Redskins' Free Agency and Draft

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It's a pretty cool scene here at the combine. When I was listening to Blaine Gabbert talk I noticed Peter King sitting at a table pretty much alone. I got to chat with him for 5 minutes talking all Redskins. I paraphrased below: 

On a free agent the Redskins should target:

(after prefacing there may not be a CBA done deal until September)  Every team needs a good corner and the Redskins could use one. Maybe a guy like Johnathan Joseph.

On Redskins 10th overall pick:

It's tough. Shanny has to LOVE a Quarterback for him to draft him. Does he love any of these guys, I don't know. He loved Sam Bradford last year. Would he have drafted Bradford #4 overall if he slipped? I think so.

On not voting Art Monk into the Hall of Fame:

I changed my vote on that and actually did vote him in, so in a little way, I did help him get in. The thing about the Hall of Fame is if we were allowed to vote 100 guys in today, there'd still be fans up in arms that some player didn't get in. 

I want to go back to the QB talk. There are no QBs in this draft even on the same planet as Bradford, so that makes me think he will not draft a QB. Blaine Gabbert definitely has the best hair at the combine, so that should appeal to Ken Meringolo.