Keeping up with the Joneses; the Jerruh Joneses

I was at my local watering hole last night for a pint with my girlfriend and ran into a buddy who is in the crane business - as in sale and rental of giant construction cranes. He told me he and a business partner were at Fedex field yesterday discussing and scoping out a project bid. Not that I walk in tall circles, but Gary's friend happens to own the business that erected all the steel for Fedex Field's original construction. Why were they there? More after the jump...

The project they were scoping out is a complete remodel of the upper decks at both end zones to include bars and, this is where Jerruh comes in, standing room only party decks. The plan is to replace 5 seating sections starting at the midway point of each end zone and working outwards. This will leave the end zone corner sections and the side sections as they are with the bars and party platforms in the middle.

Does anyone have season tickets to these upper deck end zone seats? Do the math. Dan converts say a couple thousand seats into standing room only that he sells on the cheap, possibly to more than a couple thousand standees in a stadium he can't fill when Peyton Manning is in town. Where does everyone go who currently has end zone seats in the upper deck? Has Dan got a deal for you in the Club Seats, is my guess.

Just so we are up and up here, the plans for the party deck are as my friend described. The part about the ticket pricing is pure speculation on my part.