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Dear Diary: First Night at the Combine


Irony is a bitch. I tweeted on the plane (original point DCA) as we were taxi-ing to the runway that my USAir flight to Indianapolis was taking off on time. I switched my phone to airplane mode, and subsequently we proceeded to sit shotgun for 25 minutes. There was no line of planes. Solid. I have horror stories from USAir, which I challenge anyone to compete with. I digress.

I was sitting window and half way through the flight I noticed the guy sitting aisle opposite of me (and over this female 300lb LB next to me) watching game film. When we finally landed, he mentioned he was a scout for the Vikings. Jamaal Stephenson, after some quick googling, was being modest. He's the Assistant Director of College Scouting for the Vikes. When he asked what I do, I replied, "I cover the Redskins." Whether it's right or not I pretty much assume no one's ever heard of Hogs Haven. The cab I shared with 2 NFLPA execs from the airport, natives of DC, were very aware of HH. It's humbling, and honestly, I always know it's the comments sections that make this site so great, not Ken's bi-weekly posts. I then realized I had no business cards. Amateur hour. I digress.

Jamaal then said, "I used to work for the Skins in '99, Norv Turner era. Charley Casserly." My response: "Oh yea? That was right when that infamous trade went down that netted us Samuels and LaVar. You really missed out not staying with the Redskins those next ten years." His response.

I'm splitting a hotel room with a great friend who coaches collegiately. His first coaching job was a 2 year stint as a GA coach under Butch Davis at Chapel Hill. He's personally worked with all the UNC studs in this draft and it's amazing to hear the lives these kids face. The UNC players took some money, but knowing the inside story, which I will surely post here when I'm sober, makes so much sense. As a teaser, Robert Quinn is an absolute BEAST. When you hear his story, you'll be begging for a guy of this character and skills to be wearing the burgundy and gold. Ironically, the latest Walter Football mock draft has him going to us. I doubt it'll happen because Haslett likes 290+ DEs for his 3-4.

As a last note, from advice of our 19-year old receptionist at the Holiday Inn, we hit college night at the Howling Wolf in Indy. Bud Light bottles were $1 and they had a band playing dueling pianos, with a full drumset, and 2 rappers. It was a good scene. I've been very vocal that the 90s were the worse era in history to be in your prime. I stand by that. 80s - and then seeing the hot sluts chicks from today's college era. WTF.

My agenda for today is National Football Talk's "Chalk Talk" and then hitting Mike Shanahan's combine presser at 4:45.