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Washington Redskins Wonderlic Test Questions

Much is made of the Wonderlic Test that potential NFL players submit to taking each year. Depending on who you talk to, the results of the test are either meaningful or useless. As a service to our favorite team, we thought it would be helpful to create a short list of questions that could assist them in finding the players most suited to playing in this town and for this team.

Bruce, you're welcome.

1)      For $100 million dollars, what position would you be willing to play?

2)      Please rank these in order of importance: food, water, air, cardiovascular endurance.

3)      What would you do in the following scenario: You are running down the middle of the field, with the ball securely tucked away, and you are being pursued by 4 defenders. Do you: a) try and fight for additional yardage after the impending initial contact; b) make a spin or juke move to the outside to attempt to break or evade any potential tackle; or c) decide to just hit the deck PRIOR to any contact being made, perhaps in an effort to confuse the defenders into forgetting that they actually have to touch you for you to be ruled down.

4)      Two cars leave for Bethesda at the same time from FedEx Field after a home game. One departs from the A lot and one departs from the F lot. Which one of those two cars will reach their destination in less than 5 hours?

5)      Quick math question...If parking costs 35 bones, a beer costs 9 bucks, a hot dog costs 5 bucks and a pretzel costs 4 bucks, please tell me how many people there are left in the world who can afford to attend a Redskins game.

6)      Imagine, if you will, that there is a pie comprised of $9 billion, and unbelievably, two competing sides are closer to nuking the pie than they are to sharing it in a mutually agreeable manner. real question there I guess...maybe...what's your favorite kind of pie?

7)      If you make $100 million dollars, and a guy flips you the bird on the road, how many times out of a hundred would you get out of your car and punch that person?

8)      Your roster bonus is $50,000. If the Pink Pony has $10 Grey Goose drinks and $20 lap dances, while the Booby Trap across the street has $15 Belvederes and $15 lap dances, which place would be the cheaper option for you and your 12-man posse to spend the evening?

9)      What would you have your Eastern Motors jersey read on the back?