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Is lil' Danny Growing?

Len Pasquarelli had an interesting piece today on Fox Sports regarding whether or not Darth Snyder has changed his ways and it raises some interesting points.

Time was, and not all that long ago, when Snyder would have ordered his minions to deadbolt the Redskins Park glass doors behind Atogwe when the former St. Louis star, released by the Rams last week, entered the facility. He would have imposed the equivalent of house arrest until Atogwe, a contract nudged in front of him, added his John Hancock to the document. Or he would have phoned up former Indianapolis safety Bob Sanders, also released last week after sitting out four seasons worth of games with the Colts in seven years, for a visit.

In the bad ol' days, the Washington owner would have dispatched one of his fleet of private jets by now to pick up and woo tight end Jeremy Shockey, jettisoned by the New Orleans Saints on Tuesday afternoon and represented by Drew Rosenhaus, one of Snyder's boys, and swing by and grab mammoth defensive lineman Shaun Rogers — released last week by the Browns — en route.

I really do feel like if this was the Vinny Era we would of already…ugh…excuse me,  that Snyderatto couldn’t resist guys like Bob Sanders,  Shaun Rogers, and Willis McGahee.  Like Pasquarelli said they would have been locked in Ashburn, taken to swanky Georgetown cigar bar with Fat A,l and signed by daybreak for insane contracts; especially since Danny can’t really spend his money thus far except these select few, released players.

Has Danny changed? Maybe. But it won’t be completely seen until we see ShanAllen make the moves that we all hope they will, through the draft and reasonable free agents this year. I think the fact that Danny hasn’t pulled the trigger yet and he’s been quieter than normal, in terms of personnel, is a great sign.

It looks like Allen and Shanahan are actually doing their due diligence when it comes to prospects and free agents, and isn't that what we've all been waiting for?