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NFL Combine Schedule of Events

If you love watching dudes in compression shorts performing various physical workouts in rapid succession, get ready for the greatest week of your life. From February 24 through March 1st, the NFL will be holding its annual combine in Indianapolis and we wanted to make sure you had the complete schedule at your fingertips.

Click here to be directed over to the home of the NFL Combine.

I like to do things the old-fashioned way, so I went to the NFL Network site and looked at the programming schedule to see which days featured which positions. I am sure there is an app for that, but I need to establish my TV-watching expectations ahead of time, and in a more manual fashion. Otherwise I never know if I am watching live coverage of this year's combine or some show on Discovery Channel that also happens to showcase college athletes running 40's.

According to my findings:

Saturday, February 26th: K, OL, TE

Sunday, February 27th: RB, QB, WR

Monday, February 28th: LB, DL

Tuesday, March 1st: DB

For the most part, it seems that live coverage of each group airs at 11 AM EST each day. Remember, if you miss the live coverage of any of these groups of players, you will only have 4,786 chances to see a rerun of that group on NFL Network between now and the draft.

My guess is that in addition to the few big-name offensive linemen we may have a shot at drafting at #10 overall, all Redskins fans will/should be watching intently on Monday when the defensive linemen and linebackers take the field.