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Bruce Allen Involved in CBA Negotiations

Via PFT...

A league source tells us that Allen's involvement is not new or particularly significant.   He also participated over the weekend....Kaplan now reports the NFL says no owners will be in attendance on Tuesday.    

Given what Bruce Allen did for the Redskins' abysmal salary cap situation in only a few months, it's good news to hear he's involved in helping with the CBA. The guy just gets sh!t done. He holed up at Redskins Park, literally, until Trent Williams' deal was finalized.  Maybe for all these rich owners, it's as easy as Bruce:

  • Getting everyone drunk on the golf course and signing the papers 3-hours into the 19th hole. 
  • Perhaps he's offering free Redskins Club Level tickets (including Kenny Chesney!!! - parking not included) if they get a deal done by March 3rd.
  • Strutting out all the old Gene Upshaw jerseys, Paul Tagliabue montages, and then showing the current Super Bowl highlights that the Future is Now!!  

Kiddig aside, the fact that negotiations have not broken after several days is progress in itself. I'm now optimistic for something to get done before the draft. Wait a second. If Bruce is at the CBA and OJ Atogwe is at Redskins Park, who is handling the contract duties? I'm preparing myself for a 7-year deal that's front-loaded and heavy on roster bonuses.