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Newton throwing at Combine, Gabbert isn't

Blaine Gabba Gabba
Blaine Gabba Gabba

I was pretty sure Cam wasn't going to throw at the Combine given his stock is already so high, but low and behold, it's quite the opposite:

Newton, according to the NFL Network , has decided he will be throwing passes at this week's Combine. Gabbert,according to USA Today's Jim Corbett , is not expected to throw in Indianapolis and will instead wait until his Pro Day.

Both quarterbacks have questions to answer after starring in spread offenses in college. The schemes were shotgun-heavy and simplified the reads with which each passer had to make. Scouts want to see how well Newton and Gabbert drop back from center and how accurately they throw on the move.

We've come a long way from a few weeks ago when the rumors were Cam may skip the combine all together. Gil Brandt, who worked in the Cowboys scouting department, detailed some of evaluations. It's common for most teams at this point to have already done all their scouting, and the Combine allows teams to get statistical measurements and interviews to help merely break ties. This doesn't seem to be the case when each year there's that one player that puts up a ridiculous 40 and their draft stock soars (*cough* Al Davis *cough*).

When the combine is over will we completely over-analyze players? Yep.