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Hogs Haven Mock Draft: Picks 9-16 guys really got after it yesterday. I was pleased to see that I was ahead in the "Who's the best GM poll?" poll, even though in the comments section I was taking a beating ahead of my anticipated pick for our beloved burgundy and gold.

As many of you have read, I have advocated dedicating EVERY possible resource to the rebuilding of our offensive line. With both guns blazing, I have told anyone who would listen that I would be okay with spending both our 1st and 2nd round picks on the offensive line.

Imagine my surprise when...

I totally went and picked a non-offensive lineman. Here are the results of the next 8 picks:

9. Dallas Cowgirls (Tiller): Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

10. Washington Redskins (Ken): Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

11. Houston Texans (Parks): Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

12. Minnesota Vikings (Kevin): Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

13. Detroit Lions (Tiller): Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

14. St. Louis Rams (Ken): Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

15. Miami Dolphins (Parks): Cam newton, QB, Auburn

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (Kevin): Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal

So with Von Miller falling to #10, I thought to myself..."You know, watching our defense play last season was--at times--worse than watching a prison rape scene in a movie based on true events. Maybe it would be okay to address that."

If we are going to get serious about the 3-4, then we need to upgrade our linebacking corps. There is no way around that. Von Miller is currently considered the best pass rusher in the draft. That will of course change daily between now and the draft, but with him and Orakpo holding down the OLB spots, I would feel a lot better about our defense. Our blitzing options would increase, as would the thought process opposing offenses would have to engage in prior to each snap. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one...

I sincerely doubt that Miller drops to us at #10, but if he does, I think we have to take him. Just to cover myself a little, I think that this pick would be made easier if we sign at least one, if not two, starting offensive linemen in free agency. I would still be looking to add a rookie offensive lineman in the 2nd round or--if what Bruce Allen tells us is real--with one of the 3rd and/or 4th round picks we are able to pick up before the draft.