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LaVar Arrington's Draft Plan

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If you’ve been here long enough, I think you know I’m not the biggest Lavar Arrington fan. Earlier today Lavar released his draft plan for the Redskins in 2011 and I happen to believe with a lot that he says. But is he just trying to appeal to the Redskins faithful or is this actually a pretty legit plan?

The most "radical" Lavar airs out is keeping Donovan McNabb as the QB for the Redskins in 2011. I happen to agree with this and I think it’s a notion that is becoming more increasingly likely. It’s been eerily quiet around Redskins Park, and Mike Shanahan is pretty straight forward on QB’s he likes in the draft (see Cutler and Locker last year), but Shanny has been mum this far. Also the NFL world hasn’t seen very much chatter on destinations for McNabb. Maybe Shanny actually was just evaluating at the end of last season?

So that is Stage 1 of Lavar’s plan, Stage 2 will sound familiar. Trade back for a first and second rounder and draft Phil Taylor the NT out of Baylor. Lavar must be a big Hogs Haven reader, because this seems to be a sentiment shared by a lot of us. He thinks Taylor could be the Redskins version of BJ Raji.

So who does Lavar want to use the two 2nd rounders on? Leonard Hankerson, ok I can deal with that, he would certainly be another weapon for Donnie Mac. But the second of the 2nd rounders is where I disagree; Lavar wants to go with Virginia Tech’s Ryan Williams. I’m sure a lot of you love Williams, especially Tech fans, but WE NEED TO ADDRESS THE O-LINE! And there will certainly be a fair share of decent offensive linemen available in the second.

Finally Lavar says to grab a QB in the 5-7 round. This kills me because if you’re keeping McNabb then you want to groom someone for the future right? But who can we grab in that spot, McElroy? Enderle? I think they can be quality backups in this league but not starters.

All in all I think Lavar is on the right track and I hope we see some similar moves this August.

LaVar's Draft Plan: