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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. Watched a movie last night from 1992 called American Me. It's an Edward James Olmos flick about prison gangs and as such has some pretty messed up story lines and incidents. I have to come eyes were starting to shut and I thought I was going to be watching American Pie. Over two hours later, I was so wide awake, it would be another hour before I could attempt to call it a night.

2. Have any of you out there seen Blood In, Blood Out? Both Blood In, Blood Out and American Me are based on true events or true stories, or whatever they say so they can deliver a chilling account of hopelessness and violence. If anyone has seen both, please tell me which one of these two movies you liked better. Neither is a real pick-me-up, but I highly recommend checking them out.

3. I have been fighting the urge to call people "esse" all day.

4. When I ordered an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on white toast this morning, it came back on wheat. It occurred to me that if I was the head of a prison gang that ran things on both the inside and the outside, this mix-up would not be viewed very favorably at all.

5. I promise everyone that tonight I am only watching sitcoms and stupid buddy comedies. On second thought, maybe I'll substitute a romantic comedy in there for the dude/buddy comedy...after the prison rape scenes, I think I need to create a little distance between me and movies with all male characters.

6. Even though we are still riding out a three-day weekend, I can't go an entire post without including at least something Redskins-related. One of the characters last night did 18 years hard time in the joint. Upon hearing this I thought, "If that was today, and he was a Redskins fan, he wouldn't have missed ANYTHING!" I would never compare the first 10 years of Dan Snyder's ownership to a prison shiv, but there are a few striking similarities between jail and rooting for the Skins through this period of mediocrity. One major difference: most prison sentences have an end date.