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The Crux of the Dan Snyder vs Washington City Paper Feud

When posting Snyder's side of the story, the key part of this lawsuit of Snyder vs the Washington City Paper is over Dave McKenna's line:

...That's the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications...       

McKenna is not backing down and Snyder claims he has never forged anything. It appears McKenna's proof could be from a 2001 lawsuit that resulted in Snyder Communications paying $3.1 million:

"In the case of Snyder Communications, our investigation revealed thousands of instances in which the marketing agent's representatives forged customers' signatures to switch them to GTE long-distance....The allegations were settled through two separate agreements, one calling for Verizon and Snyder to collectively pay $2.5 million for actions attributable to Snyder representatives and another calling for Verizon to pay $600,000 for actions attributable to its own sales personnel."  

I spoke with Redskins COO David Donovan about this lawsuit and he informed me that the settlement was in 2001, yet Snyder had sold the company 14 months earlier. In fact, Snyder had put Snyder Communications up for sale in 1999 to focus on the Redskins, so to say that he had any take in this is a pretty big leap. Perhaps it would have been better for Dave McKenna to say "It was Snyder Communications that got caught forging?"

Either way, the City Paper has offered Dan Snyder to write any response he'd like and they'd publish it on their site. Ted Leonsis posts web articles daily, I hope the Redskins owner takes them up on it. I'd much rather be writing about our horrible draft history. Seriously.