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The Details of Dan Snyder's Complaint Against Washington City Paper

It's personal.
It's personal.

Update 5:44pm: The Washington City Paper has responded on their own

As reported earlier, the Washington Post broke the news that Dan Snyder was seeking legal action the Washington City Paper for an article that was written listing dozens of the Redskins' owner's gaffes over the years. Many fans took to Twitter and Facebook to blast the owner, but the complaint against City Paper has nothing to do with those mistakes. The paragraph that had Snyder fuming and prompted the legal train was:

...That's the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications...    

The reason Snyder and his legal counsel are so upset is because a.) Snyder never once forged names, and b.) forgery is a federal offense. The Redskins asked The City Paper to remove this comment months ago, and they refused - hence the legal action. Interestingly, Snyder never asked for the WCP journalist to be fired (that was falsely added in by the Washington Post). When I spoke with Tony Wyllie, he assured me that any money that is awarded to the Redskins from this will go to charity. 

The last straw that pushed Snyder over the top was the City Paper's attack on his wife, Tanya, who is in remission for breast cancer and has been regularly out there promoting health and breast care awareness:

His wife, Tanya Snyder, is out selling the transformation, too. Last week she went on local TV to tell an interviewer that he is now surrounded by "better people," and that he's "grown and he's evolved."

That's a low blow. If you watch her interview with Channel 8, Mrs. Snyder is simply doing a health promotion in front of 100 children, and at the very end they asked the off-topic question on the Redskins. Is that selling out?? Come on. The theory here applies, "You can go after me, but don't drag in my wife or kids." Completely classless on McKenna's part.

In my opinion, it's fair for Snyder to take action. People believe things so it's important that the truth is told, which is all Snyder wants. All of this could have been avoided if Dave McKenna would have returned the Redskins calls from the beginning.  The fact that the City paper is vehemently defending the forgery line is eye-raising. Stay tuned.