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Kick Start the Antonio Cromartie Bandwagon Again

When it comes to players with good character, Antonio Cromartie is certainly not in the good bunch. He runs his mouth and got in some trouble for allegedly nailing a club goer in the head with a champagne bottle. But, the Redskins need a CB and since he's a Pro-Bowler that has played in a 3-4, it's worth looking into:

According to Lombardi, the Jets are more focused on re-signing Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards. GM Mike Tannenbaum made it clear he wasn't thrilled with Cromartie's postseason remarks about Tom Brady, the NFL, and the NFLPA, and the Jets may be interested in free agent Nnamdi Asomugha. Ironically, Cromartie could appeal to the Raiders with a ridiculous size/speed combination. He also excels in press-man schemes like Oakland's.

I'm still pretty deflated from all the Haynesworth, Banks, and Snyder drama so I'll save any opinion on this one. Can you imagine the trash-talking going on with Landry, DHall, and Cromartie involved on a play?