What Happen To A Proud Fan Base?

Good Day I hope every Skins Fans are doing well these days. With everything that you see on ESPN, NFL Network or XM Radio Show about a possible lock out and the season might be gone. I got one question to ask and that is "What happen to us as a Proud Fan Base?"

There was a time we could talk to each other and share a passion about something that united people of all race, color, creed or religion and that was the" WASHINGTON REDSKINS". We as Fans would root until our heart would bleed burgundy and gold. I don't know if it was in our parents DNA or the fact that we knew every NFL season that when preseason started it was a Madhouse around here and if you wasn't a Redskin then you was gonna get a mud hole stomped out of you.

It was the norm that we had a 9 to 10 win season and the fans was the most colorful people in the world. There was two thing that you better not say and live to tell about it. One was "I'm a cowboy fan" and two "I'm a cowboy fan" and you sitting in your house. You can best believe that there was a A$$ Whooping coming and even if you was going to school it wasn't about what happen outside or what you did for the weekend. It was about "Did you see the Redskins play yesterday?'

I know some have lived in Golden ERA of seeing us hold the Lombardi Trophy and having a Parade going down Constitution Ave to Federal Building. I blame a couple of folks for this and it just my theory about these folks and follow just for a second.

"Former Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly, she was the one who let us get away from RFK to FED EX, and tried to say it was Marion Barry fault but as I remember he was a Redskin Fan and loved them with a passion. Vinnie the mooch was a yes man who did everything up under the son to justify his action with bad deals and mismanagement. How could you mess up a trade that gave you 12 picks for 1 player. Last but not least Ole Danny Boy who was a kid who had a passion for some candy and that was The Washington Redskins. He tried to buy us a team of has been player and he had a few hit and miss jewels that come to us Daniels, Fletcher, Portis to name a few. I guess he trying to get his act together and surround himself with a GM who has a good track record and a coach. The jury is still out on this one.

The number one thing that is the most important thing is the FANS who have endured this mess. It getting so bad that we are arguing with each other about who is right and who is wrong. When was the last time we all agree on something? When was the last time we all cheered together and was proud after a season? It been almost 19 years and we haven't had the one thing that eludes us and that is the Superbowl. I know we have a passion about who we want and also why, but let's have a little faith and reason with some of our fans view points. It's a give and take and to just have a good conversation about what best for us. We have so many need in out team, but the one thing we don't have needs in is our Fan Base.

If you are a Proud Skins fan then act like it. I know we need to get rid of some bad apple's on or team, but when it get to the point that we are bashing our own player and fans then we are no better then the media. Everything is said in a blog or Internet and we are the first to judge and say let just get rid of them and ship them out. When your kids do something wrong do you just get rid of them and send them to your grandparents? If you get a speeding ticket do your friend's say that you are not a good person and I can't be your friend." NOOOOO you show them the way and their faults. I know some of them need to go and AH is one of them, but he is still a Redskin and we should give him the Respect even though he don't Respect himself. I know some us us have strong view points, but we should still be able to talk with other skins fans and not bash them about there view points. This year is going to be the mosted talked about year in the NFL season for a long time and as a Skins Fan. I know the strike season have been our friend as someone posted in a early article.

What do you see at the end of the 2011 season? What will become of our coach if we have a season like last year? and the Most important thing of all is Where do you see yourself as a SKINS FAN and will you be on the side of negativity or some positive to say about your fellow Skins Fan?

HTTR who fight for all DC

Nite out