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Not at the Table, Carlos: Redskins Cornerback Calls Team "Nowhere Close" to Packers and Steelers

In other news, the sun rose this morning, will set this evening, and the Earth continues to spin around it.

I like that our boy Danny Rouhier got Carlos to talk reality on his show on Tuesday night, but come on...are we all going to get hung up on this headline? Nah.

Are we going to get hung up on who is saying such things? I think so.

For a variety of reasons--some of which are unfair and out of Carlos' control--#22 has been in the crosshairs for many Redskins fans. At times he has personified the difference between being a winner and a loser in the NFL. After all, a made catch here and there by the cornerback could very well have changed the outcomes of a game or two. A game or two is sometimes all that separates good from bad. That said, at 4-12 and 6-10, it would be hard to argue that a game or two would have done much to change our fortunes the last two seasons.

I think what really bothers me about Carlos' appearance on the show is hearing him talk about making sure he gets paid what he thinks he is worth. I think we should all be able to agree on the fact that Rogers is an above average cover corner. But time and time again, we are left with the impression that he feels he is an ELITE cover corner. Now, every player in the league--with the help of their agent--needs to make sure he gets what he can get. I understand that. But the Redskins can't afford to be overpaying for guys right now, and I get the feeling that Carlos desperately seeks to be overpaid.

Final word: Should the Redskins and Carlos Rogers see eye-to-eye on his value, great. You can never have enough players with above average cover skills. Carlos is right--we are not close to being where Green Bay and Pittsburgh are right now. But interestingly enough, part of what might get us there may very well be refusing to overpay for a player that thinks he is better than he is. In fact, I'm sure of it.