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Daily Slop: Bruce Allen Doing Good Things All Around

Based on this tidbit, I think Bruce may have created the Redskins an additionial $9 million in cap space
Interesting...Bruce is earning his paycheck. Imagine how good the Redskins would have been off if he was babysitting our free agency moves during the Zorn/Gibbs era.

D.C. Sports Bog - Two Redskins fans and their FedEx Field sign
An awesome Redskins season ticket holder story involving Bruce Allen.

History shows Shanahan likes to collect draft picks
Redskins fans who are concerned that Mike Shanahan is going to deal away large chunks of the Redskins draft should look at draft trading history.

Free Agent File: Redskins CB Carlos Rogers
Houston blogger wants Los in HOU and calls Redskins fans "insane." He definitely hits the nail on the head about post-game Redskins radio but we've been through hell the last decade.

D.C. Sports Bog - Jay Carney and Dan Snyder are friends
New White House press secretary Jay Carney is also a regular inside the Snyder inner sanctum.

D.C. Sports Bog - Men in headdresses at Redskins training camp
Want to know what Redskins camp in 1938 looked like? 

Here's A Pretty Good Picture Of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers In Vegas

List of the 5 Free Agency tags doled out yesterday after the jump...

Source: LaMarr Woodley expected to receiver Pittsburgh Steelers' franchise tag - ESPN

QB Peyton Manning receives franchise tag from Indianapolis Colts - ESPN

Haloti Ngata receives franchise tag from Baltimore Ravens - ESPN

San Diego is placing its franchise tag on WR Vincent Jackson.

Philadelphia Eagles franchise Michael Vick, give David Akers transition tag - ESPN

Legedu Naanee gets himself arrested and pepper-sprayed - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Hey, a non-Redskin in police related news!