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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays--Tuesday Edition

1. So the Brandon Banks story is really heating up...jebus. I know the incidents are not even close to being the same, but I had this weird flashback to the Sean Taylor episode when I first heard that Banks was still in the hospital. I mean, weren't his wounds just superficial? You don't stay in the hospital for three days for a superficial wound, right? Again, without overdoing the comparison, I just remember back to when we all hit the pillow one night thinking everything was going to be okay and the next day we got the worst news imaginable. So before we try and dissect who is to blame and who did what, I think I am just going to continue to send some positive energy towards #16 and let the chips fall where they may once I am assured he is healthy and recovered.

2. Anyone see that computer that they invented at IBM that is going head-to-head with a couple legendary Jeopardy champs? That thing is scary. They say they can use that technology to do some crazy things. And yet, I bet you if they used every artificial brain cell in that computer, they still couldn't come up with an answer to the question: "What in God's name is wrong with Albert Haynesworth?"

3. We all have been warned that this labor crap is going to get messy before it gets solved. I fear that if both sides allow this fight to hit the bottom of the trenches, even if they save the season next year, they will have lost in the long run. The NFL and NFLPA seem to be operating from a set of playbooks here that leaves little room for a path away from what is sure to be a miserable scene. Everyone keeps saying, "These things go to the wire and then get solved. That is the way it works." But between now and then, the contentious nature of the process will have really taken its toll on the fans.

4. Washington Redskins season ticket invoices are due to be paid by March 1st? I think I have that right. While I appreciate that the team has offered either a full refund or a credit toward future tickets should any games be lost, I still have to ask, "Are you freaking crazy?" Come on...I am trying to pay my bills Mr. Snyder. I can't afford to float you money in the hopes that these games won't be lost. If and when these games get played, I'll see about getting tickets somehow, but I can't spend a single dime in March for something that looks INCREDIBLY unlikely to happen in August and September.

5. Don't worry are still getting paid the TV money no matter what, and you don't have to refund ANY of that in the event of lost games.

6. To any of you out there who insist on using nano blitzes in Madden 2011, be warned: Robert Henson has been teaching me how to defend against them. He is by far the best Madden player I have ever met and in addition to freaking me out by talking to his digital defensive players as I approach the line of scrimmage on offense, he also has some pretty crafty offensive strategies to eliminate the advantages players wield by exploiting programming glitches. According to Henson: "That's NOT football!!!"'