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Phillip Daniels Chimes in On Haynesworth Drama

There are not a lot of voices out of Redskins Park I listen to earnestly since one practically needs a translator to decipher all the positivity (even in bad times). Most players always say the boring right thing or have no relevance to the team, but Phillip Daniels is different. He's one of the longest tenured Redskins, most respected, and a leader in that locker room. The details on Haynesworth's "sexual assault" are a far cry from an assault (in regards to the emotions that the term "assault" means to me).   

A waitress at the W Hotel in Washington said she was clearing glasses from a table where Haynesworth was sitting when Haynesworth attempted to pay with his credit card. Because the waitress said her hands were full, Haynesworth asked if he could put the card in the pocket of her blouse.

According to the report, the waitress nodded that Haynesworth could put the card in her pocket, and when he did, he started to caress her breast.

Yea, it's a dirt ball move, but unfortunately it's one that I see regularly when out at the bars. I've had 2 creepers grab my girl's ass on occasions and my bartender friends have told stories that make this sound like a church sermon. If a normal bystander did this, would a sexual assault have been filed? Who knows, and I'm not going to start defending Haynesworth now. So, what does Phillip Daniels have to say? The omniscient Dan Steinberg transcribed PD's latest thoughts:

"And I don't know if it's true or not, but I'm hoping it's not. I'm hoping that he's gonna be ok. But there's something when your name keeps coming up in the media. Sometimes you've just got to sit back and chill a little bit."

And the real nugget, is there any place for Haynesworth on this roster in 2011?   

"To be honest with you, the way things happened last year and how he went about doing things last year, I don't think so," Daniels said. "I don't think it'd work. I don't think he could come back in here. He already said he don't want to play in the 3-4, he doesn't want to be a part of that, he doesn't want to play nose. It's hard for me to see that right now."    

So that leads to the golden question. What the hell are the Redskins waiting for to cut this guy? Sure, it's only fair to get the facts first given he's only due $5.5 million next year, but this guy is continuing to belittle this proud franchise. 

And why the hell is Haynesworth still in DC? He can't be here for mandatory practices but he stays here all off-season?