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Report: Brandon Banks & Friend Instigated Fight That Led to Stabbing

Security cameras outside Club Park seem to reveal that Banks and his friend started the fight - supposedly making fun of a guy for wearing all white in the winter. Interestingly, Banks is still in the hospital and his injuries are worse than originally reported. Banks is expected to be released today (Tuesday), but it's been 3 days so far:

Tape of the incident, taken by surveillance cameras, shows Banks and Nixon starting the fight with Jason Shorter, who is accused of stabbing both men outside The Park at 14th nightclub. According to Channel 4, when police arrived, Banks showed them his wounds and identified Shorter as the assailant. The video reportedly shows Nixon throwing a punch after Shorter allegedly pulled a knife from his pocket. [WaPost]

Banks is young, adjusting to his new found fame, and got caught in a bad situation. The timing couldn't be worse with all this Haynesworth drama and as a fan, I'm beyond sick of this crap. Nothing is more frustrating then the combination of losing and off-field drama. Joe Gibbs does not approve.