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On Valentine's Day, the Heart Wants What It Wants...Redskins Quarterback Talk

The Grammy Awards ceremony was a very small dose of decent live Sunday programming in the wake of the end to the 2010 NFL campaign. Katy Perry was hot, Eminem was angry, and Lady Gaga was weird. I guess I'll have to take it since I have no choice. I know I am not the first one to compare Gaga to Madonna, but with another handful of top hits, she will really be there, right? I don't remember Madonna being so...weird, though. I also don't envision my iPod ever having a healthy dose of Gaga songs on it. As I have been doing a bit of cross-country air travel the last month, let me just say that I have listened to pretty much every song on my iPod five times, and "Papa Don't Preach" and "Open Your Heart" equal "Happy Time at 30,000 Feet".

Speaking of Happy there anything more fun for all of us at this time of year than to debate, hate and speculate on who our starting quarterback will be in 2011? (I give myself a C+ on the segue.)

I caught a headline over at The Red Zone that the Packers could be moving Matt Flynn. Here is the link. I thought there was zero chance that the Redskins would be interested in Flynn until I read this:

The Packers might be able to get a second round pick in a trade for Flynn.

DAMN!!! That pretty much puts him in our wheelhouse. Is there ANYTHING we won't try and spend a 2nd round pick to acquire?

So I thought, why not kick off the 28th of 5,478 starting quarterback debates this afternoon?

I guess I'll take Rex Grossman at this point, but only if we can get something in a trade for Don Burgundy. If we have to just release #5, I am inclined to make him play for us for another year. After all, he is due for an up year. Having said both of the preceding two statements, let me tell you that it is not as hard to type with a keyboard full of vomit as you might think.

Have at it friends. Remember, this is less about who you want , and more about who you think we will end up with.

As Redskins fans, we have really turned into a "Love the one you're with" bunch anyways...