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Brandon Banks Is a Washington Redskin Who Deserves Benefit of Doubt


As many of us have heard by now, via multiple iterations of the story at this point in time, Brandon Banks was stabbed outside of a D.C. nightclub. We have heard that his injuries were sustained in the act of aiding a friend.

I believe that.

Let me tell you that this man has given me zero reason to imagine he would be the intended victim of a stabbing. On the other hand, another guy on the roster--whose name has been in our headlines this week--arrived on the DC scene with a consistent history of being a dick. It would be dishonest of me to suggest I would be blown out of my boots upon hearing that Albert Haynesworth had just been stabbed in D.C.

Banks is our guy. He is going to be our guy on the field on Sundays. He already has been at times during his rookie season. When he is on the field, every person in the stadium is on their feet. He is that good. This is where he got his chance, and this is where he will most likely blossom and shine.

Here's hoping Brandon recovers fully after stepping in to help a buddy.