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Albert Haynesworth Formally Charged With Assault

This from ABC News, within the last half hour:

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been formally charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a road rage encounter.

Haynesworth showed up at a Fairfax police station this morning to sign his summons warrant. This all stems from the incident on February 2nd when a 38-year old man claimed to have been assaulted by the driver of a pickup truck that he reported was tailgating him. The driver of the pickup truck turned out to be none other than our very own ray of sunshine, Albert Haynesworth.

The charge has a maximum sentence of a year in jail and no more than $2,500.

How about that...just when you thought we were going to be able to wash our hands of this trainwreck, Haynesworth seeks out and finds more local trouble. Thanks to the CBA situation, we might be stuck with front row seats to this nightmare for the foreseeable future.

Who knows if these charges stick and what comes out of it? Rich dudes rarely end up in jail because of simple assault, it seems.

But in the battle between Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth, you really have to put one in the scoring column for #92. This latest debacle really sticks it to the coach and organization desperately trying to get something for the big man. I don't see many organizations clamoring to bring a guy into their community that is as big of an asshole as Haynesworth clearly takes pride in being.

Well played Albert.