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Colin Kaepernick Talks About His Slow Delivery

Colin Kaepernick was a much discussed topic here a few weeks ago. Pretty much all the scouts have the same evaluation that's he's a stud QB, but: 

His throwing motion is very long over the top to three quarters release, and he's known to use different arm angles at times.    

Well, Kapernick answered this very question during SB Nation's live chat with the Nevada QB a couple days ago:

Fan Question: What are your thoughts on folks critiquing your throwing motion to the extent that it has been? Are you taking steps to shorten the throwing motion, or do your 35'' arms mean it will always be long and slower?     

Kaepernick: "My throwing motion is something i am trying to shorten as much as possible, but at the same time, like you said, my arms and long and my release will always be a little bit longer. This, however, does not mean my release has to be slower. i don't see it as an issue moving forward because I have [been] making all the throws necessary to move to the next level."

"I think i am very accurate with all of my throws so i couldn't pinpoint one as my most accurate."

"I pick up on things very quickly and will not have a problem picking up on new footwork."

This kid is very accurate. Interestingly, he never threw over 60% completion percentage his first 3 years in college, but he completed 64.9% this year. I'm always very hesitant in simply accepting these numbers since Jason Campbell threw almost 70% his Senior year and also has a release slow enough to make Brunell laugh. Of course, Kaepernick didn't have Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown in his backfield. Either way, Kaepernick is climbing up draft boards where I've seen him go as high as #12 to the Vikings.