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Madden Rankings With a Twist; Washington Redskins 21st Most Played Team on Madden NFL 11

Every year, all of us who play the Madden NFL game anxiously await the new list of player ratings. We download massive spreadsheets and analyze which players got hooked up and which players got snubbed. Today, I offer you a fresh set of stats, compiled from over 290 million games of Madden 11 played since the preseason by The New York Times.

Here is the link to the NYTimes article.

After studying the numbers, Kevin Quealy reports:

The Eagles were by far the most popular team among Madden players, accounting for about 8 percent of all games, while the Vikings and Titans both got a brief bump in popularity from Randy Moss.

I believe we covered this earlier this season--every Madden player loves to play with Michael Vick. Also included in the findings is a set of rankings by team that shows the Washington Redskins were the 21st most popular team played in Madden. Based on the frequency that players selected the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers among other dominant squads, I think this confirms another suspicion we all have: the online Madden world is full of front-running bamas.


Our rule when my friends and I play Madden or NBA is you get three rolls of the random selector. Some days we play that once you choose to roll again, you can't go back, some days we play you can pick one of the three random teams chosen randomly. I call that Bamafree Madden.