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Free Agents Who Would Look Good in Burgundy and Gold

There are two free agents I would love to see suit up in the Burgundy and Gold in 2011.  There is a plethora of talent in the free agency market but I am going to concentrate on two players that might be a realistic possibility of leaving their current teams.  Everyone knows and has been talking about how the Redskins need a solid Nose Tackle.  Some are looking for this need to be filled in the 2011 Draft where there is plenty of defensive line talent but I would rather see the Skins bring in a proven stud.

Haloti Ngata is a free agent this offseason and some think that the Baltimore Ravens will not offer him the big contract that he deserves.  Ngata is arguably the best defensive lineman in the country and is without a doubt the best nose tackle.  I am a huge fan of him and enjoy watching a man of his size move around like he's a free safety.  This guy can do it all, from dropping back into coverage to taking on a double team.  When I say drop back in coverage I really mean it, he has three career interceptions.  The Redskins are no strangers to giving big contracts to defensive lineman as we all know so why not throw Ngata the big bucks that he deserves.  His loyalty does lie with the Ravens but when they don't give him the big contract he wants, which has happened in the past, he will shop around.   Money has never been an issue in Washington so my vote is to shell out a big contract to a defensive lineman that will produce.   Haloti Ngata is player who's motor never stops running and is always around the ball, now wouldn't that be a nice change of pace for Washington?


Another free agent I would like to see on the Redskins roster come 2011 is James Jones.  Wide receiver isn't necessarily at the top of the Redskin's needs right now but with the possibility of Santana Moss not returning next year, it would be nice to have Jones.  James Jones is a free agent and will most likely not return to Green Bay where they already have their first and second receivers in Donald Driver and Greg Jennings.  Many see Jones landing as someone's number two receiver in 2011 and I'd like to see him as the Redskin's number two.  He is a big wide receiver who can produce and make plays after the catch.  James Jones is a player who can fight for the extra yards to get the first down and that is what the Skins need.  If I had my choice at who the Redskins would pick in the first round of the 2011 Draft, I would choose Julio Jones out of Alabama.  Now can you imagine the two Jones' as the Redskins number one and two wide receivers?  I can and I like what I see.