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Vincent Jackson to Redskins Likely Ain't Happening

The Redskins need a #1 WR. No doubt about it. Most Redskins fans, including Mike Shanahan, want to see VJax in the burgundy and gold, but the likelihood of that happening is at the same level Vinny Cerrato returns to the Redskins as a player/coach. The San Diego Union Tribune reported yesterday:

Thursday begins a two-week period in which NFL teams can place the franchise tag on a player... it has been known for two months that General Manager A.J. Smith has been leaning toward keeping Jackson another year. Jackson, according to someone familiar with the player's thinking, expects the tag and plans to play for the more than $10 million it would guarantee him. 

The thing is, if there's no CBA deal in place by early March, then the franchise tags become meaningless. It's hard to imagine how this CBA will play out, but I can't imagine there not being a franchise tag. There has to be SOME way for teams to keep their best player. Stay tuned.