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Pros/Cons Matrix Shows Shaun Rogers a Bad Fit for Redskins/Any Team

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Update: The Redskins are interested in Rogers. Seriously.

When I write a headline like that, I'm well aware there's a legit chance the Redskins will still sign him. 

Imagine a 4-3 defense with Rogers and Haynesworth as the Defensive Tackles (we have #92 next year for cheap - $5.5 mil - no bonuses). Plus, that would save some wear and tear on Fletcher and for sure would give our DEs 1-1 looks. Nah, that makes too sense. Both Super Bowl teams had a 3-4...we MUST use it!!!! Kidding aside and after chatting with some Browns fans, Rogers and Haynesworth appear to have been born from the same egg. 

Pros Cons
- Rogers earned a Pro-Bowl in 2008 - Broke his leg in 2009
- 6'4" 350 lbs. - Saw a huge dip in stats in 2010 from previous years (NTs don't have big stats anyway)
- He can't be worse than Ma'ake Kemoeatu. - Has a history of not getting along with coaches.
- Versatile: Has played DE & NT in 3-4 and DT 4-3 (with Detroit) - Only played ~25 snaps a game last year. Not highly effective in those snaps either. (CLE's rushing D ranked 27th anyway)
  - Rarely attended full practices despite playing most games. Showed a real lazy attitude.
  - Was arrested last April for carrying a gun into Cleveland airport.
  - Busted in 2006 for steroids and suspended 4 games
  - In 2006 an exotic stripper filed charges against Rogers she was inappropriately touched. Charges later dropped.

Cleveland fans were a bit upset that the Browns weren't able to get SOMETHING back for Rogers in a trade, but the release probably tells us they tried to trade him and no teams had interest. The Redskins have a bunch of low picks, so for them not to use one proves he's not high on our list.