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McNabb Breaks Silence With More Verbal Nothingness

Both and Matt Terl wrote about McNabb's interview with ESPN on the Super Bowl today:

"As of right now, I'm definitely a Washington Redskin," McNabb said. "I signed a contract to be with them for the next couple years and that's the way I'm treating it."

Yes, that is technically true. Thank's for reminding everyone.

"[The benching] is something that happened in the year, obviously," McNabb said. "And it's one where we'll have questions and we'll want to sit down to go over everything that's happened.

OK, at least he's admitting his comments are obvious now.

"[Coaches] have been evaluating the last couple of weeks, so we'll hear what their answers are on what we're doing next and we'll go from there."

In other words, ask me later when I will not make myself available. 

"For myself, I think you have to go back to the basics. If it's your drop, if it's eliminating a false step, if it's getting the ball out quicker, seeing something a lot faster, whatever it may be, it's something I will prepare myself on going into the 2011 season to have a wonderful season."    

Ooo. Now we're getting somewhere. So, McNabb a.) does see that his game/accuracy is flawed, or b.) I'm just talking blubber to show that I'm a coachable guy and that should not hinder any team wanting me.

What I really would like to see is a conversation of McNabb's answers to a cop when getting pulled over for speeding.