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Hogs Haven Headed to the Combine & NFP's Chalk Talk


Well, Hogs Haven just got some good news: I'll be attending the Combine in 3 weeks in beautiful Indianapolis. My plan is to spend most of my time talking to players and coaches to see who the Redskins (among other teams) are focusing on. (You know, QBs from Hawaii and WRs with prior injuries).

Another fantastic part of my weekend is that I get to attend National Football Post's "Chalk Talk." Matt Bowen, Wes Bunting, Andrew Brandt, Brad Biggs....they're giving an all-day crash course on football, CBA, agents, media and scouting. This should do wonders for the quality of content that you'll see from me (sorry folks, I don't think there's a grammar course).

The cool part about this class is anyone can take it. So, if you ever wanted to go to the combine or Indy, this would be a cool thing to do. Andrew Brandt has been covering the CBA closely for awhile, and with this class being held 8 days from the CBA expiration, it should make for some interesting news.

Hopefully, I can convince the NFL Network into letting me run the 40 after Rich Eisen.